Dog Fences from £109. Invisible Fence (Wessex) LLP. Our Innotek pet containment systems keep your dogs and cats safely inside your garden.

These products are well built and competitively priced. They are designed for easy DIY-installation.
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For a general description of how all electronic pet containment systems work see these three links. They refer specifically to Invisible Fence® brand equipment, but all the fence systems we sell are very similar:

The Dog wears a Collar…               A wire is run around the boundary…             Training the Pet

Other links of interest:

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The Original Invisible Fence® Brand

We continue to service Invisible Fence® brand systems – even second hand ones. We also sell spare parts, additional receivers and other equipment for these systems, as we have done for over thirty years. Most Invisible Fence® pet containment equipment has a lifetime warranty. Prices and conditions on application.

Radio Systems Corp. of Knoxville, Tennessee, now owns the Petsafe, Innotek and Invisible Fence® brands. Please note that the systems are incompatible; Innotek fence system collar-receivers do not work with Invisible Fence® transmitters, and vice versa.