Product Manuals and Troubleshooting


Petsafe and Innotek share a U.K. help-line:   0800 046 1414

They operate  0900-1200 and 1300-1700 for five days a week.

Monica Lea and her staff are very helpful.



Petsafe and Innotek also have a Europe-wide customer care line :   00 800 18 18 20 20


Manuals ( these three links below refer to the  American versions but they give you the essentials)


Manuals for Petsafe systems can be found at



Manuals for Innotek systems can be found at


some useful Innotek system troubleshooting guides are available at



We have emailable copies of most of the Invisible Fence® Brand manuals.   Contact us and ask for what you need.


We used to provide a booklet with every Invisible Fence® Brand system “Notes for British Users” to supplement the American manuals.   Click here to see it.


Break Finding


We no longer sell Break Finder Kits, but our instructions for using the Break Finder Kit are available here.


Cable Tracker with Tone Generator Kits for wire loop break finding are widely available.   See


A spare 100 metre or 150 metre reel of wire to bypass sections of the loop and an inexpensive digital multimeter can be a great help in finding high resistance joins.   Amazon has multimeters from about £4 upwards.  Search for “digital multimeter”, and then sort by “cheapest first”


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