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This website is a service operated by Invisible Fence (Wessex), Westwood House, Bradford Peverell, DORCHESTER, DT2 9SE, herein after called IF(W)


IF(W) makes every effort to ensure that the information on this website is accurate and up-to-date. However, we cannot accept responsibility for any loss or inconvenience caused by reliance on inaccurate material contained in this site.

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Certain links, including hypertext links, in our site will take you outside our site. Links are provided for your convenience and inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement or approval by IF(W) of the linked site, its operator or its content. We are not responsible for the content of any website outside of our site.


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Any other use of the materials on our site (including reproduction for purposes other than noted above and alteration, modification, distribution or republication) without our prior written permission is strictly prohibited. Should you require permission for the above, please contact the Web Manager.

Privacy Policy

IF(W) as the data collector, may collect personal information from visitors to this site. This information is used only to respond to enquiries and to monitor site usage. E-mail addresses received as part of an enquiry are only retained as long as the enquiry remains open. Cookies and logging of IP addresses are used to enable IF(W) to monitor site traffic and repeat visitor statistics. These statistics will not include information that can be used to identify any individual. Such information is anonymous and held on a temporary basis. To read more about cookies and IP addresses click here.

IF(W) will at all times comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Where personal data is requested through forms, such data is only used for the purpose stated on the form and will not be given or sold to commercial organisations or private individuals. It may be shared with other public bodies that can demonstrate a legitimate need.

By submitting your data you consent to the use of that information as set out above.

This privacy policy only covers this web site. Websites linked to from this site are not covered by this policy.


IF(W)endeavours at all times to make the site as accessible as reasonably possible to disabled users in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. In no way does IF(W) seek to deliberately discriminate against disabled users' access to the website service. If you do encounter difficulty in using any part of this site, please contact the Web Manager explaining the problem and we will try to remedy it.

For further information about the Terms & Conditions of use of this website, please contact the Web Manager.

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Website Manager, Invisible Fence (Wessex), Westwood House, Bradford Peverell, DORCHESTER, DT2 9SE.

Summary of Terms

Used to locate and display Web pages via a software application. The most popular ones are Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Message given to a web browser by a web server. The message is then stored by the browser in a text file called 'cookie.txt'. Cookies are used to enable a website to 'remember' whether a user has visited the site before and possibly to store marketing information about previous visits (items bought last time, pages visited etc.). Cookies are also used to store temporary information as a user moves from page to page within a site (items in a shopping basket etc.). Such cookies are erased when the user session ends. This information is converted to number format for statistical purposes, and all information relating to the individual is erased when the user session is ended.
Users can set their browser not to allow cookies to be stored in their computer. To do this, please follow the instructions provided with your web browser software.
IP Address
If you are connected to the Internet you have one, for example it may look something like this 198.999.77.9
User Session
A user's visit to a site begins when the user first accesses any page on a given site and ends after a visitor has left that site and not revisited it within a specified amount of time (normally 20 minutes) or when the user's browser is closed.

Web Server
Delivers (serves up) web pages to your computer.

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