The Dog wears a Collar with a radio receiver on it.


Picture of Woody wearing an Invisible Fence receiver-collar



A radio receiver, programmable to suit your dog or cat, sealed in a guaranteed chew and water resistant casing is mounted on your choice of nylon or leather collar.


Size:  61 mm x 27 mm x 23 mm, tapering to 12 mm.

Weight with battery is 37gm (1.3 oz), that’s about four £1 coins.

Hands holding Invisible Fence receiver to convey size

The receiver contains a programmable microchip that can be tailored to suit either the biggest aggressive dog or the tiniest timid cat.   So there are four levels of shock, two operating frequencies and other adjustments to suite your dog’s size and temperament.   Inside is a tiny lithium battery with as much power as batteries twice its size.   A multidirectional antenna picks up the signal from the boundary wire no matter how your dog twists and turns.   Sturdy construction withstands temperatures of -25°C to +55°C.   A unique electronic code ensures the receiver responds only to the Invisible Fence transmitter signal.   Fail-safe technology stops the shock if your dog is accidentally trapped within the signal field.


While their owners appreciate the software, Invisible Fencing dogs appreciate the Computer-Collar Softwear™.   The collar is the smallest and lightest on the market; it is so comfortable that dogs don’t know they are wearing it.



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