Training the Pet


Invisible Fence is a leader, thanks, in part, to our high containment rate.   It works on dogs of all breeds with an amazing 99% success rate.


The key to successful use of the Invisible Fencing® Brand System is the training programme for the pet.   This is not simply a "plug it in and let it work" system.   The owner MUST be prepared to train the pet for ten minutes, twice a day, for seven consecutive days.


The training programme helps the pet to learn the boundaries set by its owner.  The pet, not the owner, controls the shock from the Fence.   Because the pet quickly learns to avoid the boundary, it receives the corrective shock only if it chooses to disregard the warning noise.   The pet normally receives the shock only once or twice during the initial training.   From that time on, the warning noise is enough to teach the pet to stay back within the proper boundaries.   Occasionally, some pets will "test" the system, but if they do, the corrective shock teaches them once again to stay put inside the wire loop.


The Invisible Fencing® Brand System is not an electric fence.   Electric fences are designed to control farm livestock, and also keep unwanted animals or intruders out of property.   They can produce extreme pain from their 15 to 240 watt shocks.   In contrast, the 0.7 to 1.4 watt shock correction from the small battery in the Invisible Fencing® Brand collar produces only mild discomfort and is not even as strong as most static shocks.   However, this system does not keep other dogs or wild animals from entering the owner's property.




This is not suitable for pets less than 5 to 6 months old.  Younger animals do not have a long enough attention span to be trained easily.



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