Unsolicited Testimonials

(original letters and emails on file in our office)


“Thank you for replacing my two receivers recently, a most impressive and efficient service for which I am most grateful.”

John Horrell in 2013


 “Thank you for information about the new collar.  It certainly looks to be an improvement on the older collar….

P.S. I have always been impressed with your service that is second to none and an example for others to follow.”

Tim Pitt in 2013


“Thank you so much for sending the replacement receiver and under warranty too.   What wonderful service you give us all.   I can't thank you enough.   Kind regards.”

Vicki Walker in 2012


“The Fence has been a terrific success! ”

Ian Salter in 2009


“The fence is a marvel to all our neighbours (two have purchased from you so far), our best flowerbeds are protected, we have a no-go lawn for the cats to feel secure....and the covered swimming pool is protected from claws-all in addition to completely effective coverage of an area of 1.5 hectares. The fence continues to be an indispensable part of our lives after...I think it is 20 years! ”

John Lloyd in 2009


“We acquired a 3y old Patterdale Terrier which her previous owner had found impossible to stop roaming.  We used the invisible fencing system around the garden and also an adjacent paddock.  The effect on the dog was immediate and startling.  We can let her out to go hunting in that area and even though the gate onto a busy B road is left wide open she won’t go within 10 feet of it”

Colonel J C Carter in 2008


We replied "Thank you for your lovely unsolicited testimonial.  We are delighted – but not surprised -- that all has gone well!"



“The system continues to delight us; Mac has learned to sit near the point of exit and do a special bark to let us know when his ball goes awol.” 

Mrs Starnes in 2007


“I am very happy to recommend the Innotek Pet Containment system.”   Mrs Paton in 2007


“It is still the best investment I ever made.”   Andrew Lynam-Smith in 2005


“I have had many dogs in your collars and they have all been so happy and able to roam around the paddock.”   Mrs Jean Holt in 2003


“Quite a few people ask me what the collars are which the dogs are wearing.   My response is this fantastic Invisible Fence.”   Mrs P. Rowlands in 2002


“It has been a real pleasure to work with a company that gives such good back-up and after sales service.”   C. R. Wickham in 2002


“Thank you for prompt despatch.   It really is a brilliant piece of kit.”   Mrs J. Knight in 2002


“We would never have survived without you!”   Mrs Rathbone in 2001


“If only the rest of British business were as effective as you we would still be the greatest nation on earth!”   Sir Robert Clarke in 2001


“Yours is a wonderful product and I shall continue to recommend it to others.”   Mrs Craig-Wood


“Definitely a “Best Buy”, I don’t know how we ever coped without it and what peace of mind knowing no more walkabouts by the dog.”   Mrs Linda Amies in 2000


“Our two dogs are totally obedient to the Invisible Fence system and we confidently leave them out all day so that they can roam around our garden and deter unwanted visitors.”   Mr Cluer in 1999


“Thank you for your continued help and patience.  There are not many owner run businesses that would have been so understanding.”   Mr Paterson in 1997


“This system has been a great success.   All the comments in the literature about Invisible Fence changing your life are true!”   Mrs Welshman in 1999


“The Invisible Fence takes a weight off our minds and we are very pleased.”   Mr Hunt in 1999


“This product has worked well for me over the last few years and I am only too happy to recommend it.”   Mrs D’Aniello in 1999


“We are so pleased with your equipment.   It has enabled us to just let the dogs out.   Thank you for excellent service – always.”   Mr and Mrs Jensen in 1998


“The Invisible Fence has been really put to the test with all sorts of temptations such as cats, other dogs and children playing outside our open front gate.  The dog won’t go within two yards of it – she just sits quivering with frustration and desire to give chase, but knows she can’t cross the barrier.   It is really quite amazing – I am so very grateful for this wonderful idea, which has made all the difference to my life – I really was on the verge of a nervous breakdown! 

I will happily and wholeheartedly recommend an Invisible Fence to anyone who is hesitating.”   Julie Michelmore in 1998


“It was a pleasure to recommend a product that works so well and also yourselves who we can only say are nothing but professional.   We will certainly have no hesitation whatsoever in passing the word around to our friends.”   Rena Fraser in 1997


“Thank you for transforming our lives.   We now live peacefully in the countryside without midnight dog hunting patrols.”   Philly Adams in 1997


“We are absolutely delighted with this system and are constantly telling our friends about it.”   Mr Hardy in 1997


“The dogs are having the time of their lives.   They have been running free in the garden for the last 12 days and they both send undying love and affection to you and your company.”   Jean Moffat in 1995


“I would just like to say how truly delighted I am with my Invisible Fence.   Our lives have been totally transformed.   Gone are the days of trailing all over the place looking for a boxer dog whose only aim in life was to escape at every opportunity.   I can now leave him in my garden with complete confidence.  I would also like to thank you for all the help and advice on training that you gave me.”   Vanda Reynolds in 1995


“My fence is a brilliant success and has totally changed my life regarding my two dogs.   No more worries or concern – they respect it and although we have a large garden they never move far from the house.  It is a brilliant concept and the only one which seems to work.   With grateful thanks.”   Judy Mackinnon in 1995


“Since installing the Invisible Fence 3 years ago our dogs have been safely confined to the garden.   It is a great weight off my mind and it is marvellous to be able to leave the dogs in the garden when we go out, knowing that they will deter intruders.   I strongly recommend the Invisible Fence.”   Christopher Martin-Jenkins in 1994


“The Invisible Fence has proved to be a triumph.”   Gillian Watson in 1995


“May I congratulate you on a most effective product.   We have recently acquired a large dog that, at 4 months, has already got the message.   Not only does it keep him away from the road but also allows the cats to eat in peace just the other side of the demarcation line.”   L Greenlees in 1995


“We are delighted with the fence.”   Sarah Hillier in 1994


“Without Invisible Fence our two dogs would be over the hills and far away.   With many thanks.”   Catherine Erskine in 1994


“We are delighted with the Invisible Fence.  I have to admit that I was very sceptical about the claims in the brochure despite hearing from another satisfied customer.   I just didn’t think it would work on our dog.   However in less than a week we could let him outside for spells although we were a little nervous, and now after less than a month we have the confidence to leave him to his own devices completely.   It may be my imagination but I feel that he is a lot more settled now and may turn out to be a more biddable, obedient dog.”   William Ledingham in 1994


“Thank you for all your assistance since I bought the Invisible Fence.  I must say how impressed I’ve been with the system but more importantly with the service and support that you offer.   No problem has been too great and you have bent over backwards to assist.   Thank you.   If ever you require a reference please do not hesitate to put any potential customers to contact me and in the meantime I shall be recommending your product whenever possible.”   A Davies in 1993


“A card to say how pleased we are with the Invisible Fence.  The dogs and especially ourselves are much more relaxed.  Before we would not let the dogs watch such films as ‘The Great Escape’ or ‘The Colditz Story’, now anything goes.   I would recommend the product.”   Jack Tuckwood in 1993